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3rd Regt. of Albany County Militia in 1768 which became the 3rd Regt. of Tryon County Militia in 1772 and reformed in 1775 for the War of Independence.

Colonel Guy Johnson (served on the Loyalist side in the Am. Rev.)
Lieut. Col. John Butler (Loyalist, raised Butler's Ranger Corps)
Major Jellis Fonda Patriot, Capt. 3rd Regt. of Tryon Co. Mil.)

Capt. Henry Hanson - (Patriot, Lt. 3rd Regt., killed May 22, 1780)
1st Lt. Barent B. Wemple
2nd Lt. Frederick Visscher (Patriot, Col. 3rd Regt.,wounded """)
Ensign Peter Conyne (Patriot, Adjt. 3rd Regt., wounded Oct. 7, 1777)

Capt. Peter Servos
1st Lt. Achilles Preston
2nd Lt. Peter Servos, Jr.
Ensign Barent Frederick

Capt. Barent Hanson
1st Lt. Jeremiah Quackenboss
2nd Lt. Samuel Gardiner (Patriot, pvt. 3rd Regt., wounded Aug. 6, 1777
Ensign Evert Van Epps (Patriot, Serjt. )

Capt. John Johnson RA
1st Lt. William Bowen, Jr.
2nd Lt. Peter Davis
Ensign Peter Groot

Capt. Gilbert Tice (Loyalist, Capt. Indian Dept.)
1st Lt. Donald McGregor
2nd Lt. Daniel Servos (Loyalist, Indian Dept.)
Ensign Hendrick Vrooman

Capt. Michael Byrne
1st Lt. John Fonda (Patriot, pvt 3rd Regt. Taken pris. May 22, 1780)
2nd Lt. Marcus Dockstader
Ensign Walter Butler (Loyalist, Capt. in Butler's Rangers, killed 10/30/81)

Capt. Arent A. Bradt
1st Lt. Cornelius Smith
2nd Lt. Volkert Veeder (Patriot, Lt. Col. 3rd Regt. of Tryon Co. Mil.)
Ensign John Dockstader Jr.

Capt. Adam Zeely
1st Lt. Samuel Pettingell (Patriot, Capt. in 3rd Regt., killed 8/6/77)
2nd Lt. Henry Hare (Loyalist, Lt. in Ind. Dept., hung July 1779)
Ensign John Cline Jr.

Capt. Abraham Yates
1st Lt. Jacob Gardinier (Patriot, Capt. in 3rd Regt., wounded 8/6/77)
2nd Lt. Abraham Quackenboss (Patriot, Lt. in 3rd Regt.)
Ensign Cornelius A. Van Alstyne

The Mohawk District Regiment's boundries were as follows:

A Regiment from the West, bounds of Schenectady to Anthony's Nose, Comprehending all the Pattented Lands North of the Mohock River within that bounds, & South to Normands Kill & Schoharie Settlem'ts.

Source: pp 880 & 890, 3rd Annual Report of the State Historian of the State of New York for 1897, printed 1898.

The following men were enlisted from Capt. Henry Hanson's Company on May 5, 1760 into Capt. Christopher Yates' Company in the 3rd Regt. of N.Y. Provincial Regt., pp 288-293, Muster Rolls of New York Provincial Troops, 1755-1764, Collections of the New York Historical Society for 1891, printed 1892.

Samuel Burchfield 31yrs, Labourer, 5'8 1/2", b. Philadelphia
Nathan Jackway 19 yrs, Weaver, 5' 9 ¼ b. Rhode Island
Henry Berlin 21 yrs, Labourer, 5'6", b. Stockbridge, Mulattoe Patrick McGrath, 28 yrs, Shoemaker, 5'8", b. Ireland
Joseph Powel 20 yrs, Shoemaker, 5 ' 5", b. Mohawk River
Alexander Martin 38 yrs, Shoemaker, 5'4 1/2 b. Ireland
John Christian Snower, 38 yrs., Joiner, 5'3 1/2", b. Germany
Jacob Miar, 32 yrs., Labourer, 5'3", b. Germany
John Moore, 31 yrs., Seaman, 5'7 3/4", b. Ireland
George Crites, 46 yrs., Weaver, 5'5 1/2", b. Ireland
Conrad Smith, 37 yrs., Cooper, 5'5 3/4", b. Germany
William White, 23 yrs., Tailor, 5'8", b. Ireland

Capt. Henry Hanson's Company was the Mohawk Company in the Second Battalion of Albany County Militia commanded by Colonel Sir William Johnson, Bart. This company was formed in 1760 and existed until 1775.

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